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400mg / hour    

  "Everyone in my family drinks Ozonated water. I have been ozonating tap water and have learned and seen that it is so much healthier than any other water. Thanks for the manual that came with the Ozonator. It was very useful."    

-Brenda O. (Birmingham, AL)

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Free Oxygenated Mouthwash- you'll love this mouthwash. Oxygen can kill germs - especially the nasty ones that thrive on low oxygen environments!

Free Oxygenated Toothpaste - This toothpaste also carries the power of oxygen. .

30 Day Money Back satisfaction  Guarantee - you know your covered and protected.

1 year Limited Manufacturer Warranty - Nothing should go wrong, but if it does - You can rest easy. .

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Ozone Generator Review

This ozonator is the personal choice of Dr. Harold Katz, founder of the California Breath Clinics. Of course ozone has many uses that go far beyond merely fighting the bacteria that cause bad breath.

In fact, if you are at this page, there is a good probability that you already know what an ozone generator can do for you and the specific use that you have in mind.

Not everyone understands the power of ozone generation yet. But as time goes by, it does appear that more and more people are catching on. Pat yourself on the back for being a step or two ahead of the crowd!

Congratulations on finding this page that features the best deal on an ozone generator that you are likely to find anywhere.

This ozone generator comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer guarantee as well as a 30 day money back guarantee to insure your complete satisfaction!.


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How to Order by Phone:

1. Call 1-800-97-FRESH   (1-800-973-7374)

2. Ask For or Press Extension 2296

3. Tell the Operator that You want to order Your new ozone generator and get the benefits of coupon code a-ozn20

Order by Phone is available Mon-Friday 8-5pm PST (California Time)



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Please feel free to contact me at  913-269-6952 . I'm on CST (Central Standard Time in the  United States.) 

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Use Coupon Code A-OZN20 for a discount and free shipping
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